At Online Dialogue we work with a specialized team of experienced experts in the field of User Experience, Psychology, Analytics, Optimization and Strategy. 

By combining multiple disciplines and quickly iterating between them, an experienced team wil work on reaching just one goal: increasing your conversions.

Many or few visitors / transactions? That does not matter to us. Data-driven optimization can always be applied.

We optimize your conversion

  • Our strategy and the combination of Data and Psychology enable Evidence Based Growth and innovation. 
  • Attracting more visitors to your site makes no sense when they are not able to do or find what they set out to do. 
  • It's only when the visitor reaches his or her goal, that you can do the same.

Why Conversion Optimization?

Data and Psychology for Growth and Innovation

Digital developments ensure a transformation in business and the public sector. Organizations are looking for ways to anticipate these changes and make their business models digital and future-proof. That what has to happen is clear to most companies, but how often is unclear. 

That's where we come into the picture.

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Who are we?

Optimization is a core competence for online businesses. The daily work has shifted from managing to continuous data driven optimization. And we will teach you how to do it. From using tools, to optimizing on the basis of psychology. We do this at our office, on location or in your company.

Do you want to become an expert in convincing, guiding and converting your customers online? In the 'Master of Online Persuasion' course we will dive into the functioning of the consumer brain. This way you learn to recognize the behavior of your visitors in order to optimize your website.

The "Master of Online Persuasion" is an English online training, complete with learning environment, exam and certificate.


Master of Online Persuasion

We are extremely proud of the customers we get to help as Online Dialogue. Wonderful brands that understand that you have to keep improving day after day in order to make your visitors and customers happy. In addition to individual projects, we work for organizations that we have been able to count to our loyal customer base for more than 5 years.


Hostelworld Casestudy: A trip in CRO, the journey of Hostelworld

Hostelworld works from an agile approach that stimulates a test and learning environment which makes improvements and learnings possible. In recent years, the collaboration between Online Dialogue has ensured that this approach was also implemented in the optimization of the Hostelworld websites.

In the case study, we show how Evidence Based Growth takes the knowledge of the Hostelworld customer to a higher level.

More and more CRO teams are looking for new ways to take their CRO program to a higher level and even more new tools promise to make our work more efficient and profitable. Yet from a technological point of view, it has been a while since a disruptive tool entered the market. Until Sentient Ascend made her appearance.

In the spring of 2017 we took up the challenge and received Sentient Ascend with open arms for a proof of concept.

Casestudy Euroflorist: Massive Multi Variate Testing with the Sentient Ascend AI software

In recent years we have been able to cooperate with many different types, but always enthusiastic and inspiring customers. We are happy to share the best cases.


Online Dialogue is an international player and thought leader in the online optimization market. All colleagues share the same vision and working methods and carry out their work with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Our expertises are behavior analysis, online design, optimization and learning others how to optimize.

Besides doing Conversion Optimization, we love speaking about it. Many of our colleagues have experience with public speaking on international stages. Check out our speakings skills here,


Bart Schutz - keynote for Conversions @Google 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)

Ton Wesseling - Keynote for NIO Summit 2017 (Texas, USA)

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Online Dialogue is ideally accessible, just a 250 meters walk from Utrecht Central Station, just outside Hoog Catharijne and with parking garages such as Moreelsepark, Godebald and Stationstraat around the corner.

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Traveling by car? The best spot to park is ‘Parkeergarage P2 Godebald’, located right across our office at the Catharijnesingel. Exit the garage at street level (where you enter/exit with you car, not inside the shopping centre) and turn left. At the corner turn left again at Catharijne Singel and walk until you see number 33-46 on you left. You’ll find us at the 6th floor.

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