A/B testscan

The A/B testing Scan provides an objective and transparent evaluation of the accuracy and value added by your A/B testing program and, more importantly, it significantly enhances the impact of your A/B tests by recommending recently discovered experimental paradigms, statistics, and test designs to apply.

Optimizing ROI and impact 

Experimentation is about uncovering opportunities and minimizing risks. A/B testing is one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods to achieve this. However, even with A/B testing, risks persist and opportunities remain undiscovered. Our A/B testing scan provides clarity on the true effects of your current A/B tests. More importantly, it reveals ways to enhance your testing practices to further reduce risks, uncover more opportunities and double the impact on revenue growth and insights.

A/B testscan

Redesign your A/B tests

The A/B testing Scan offers a unique opportunity to learn and apply the latest insights and developments in A/B testing, doubling its added value!

  1. Understand the true impact: Gain an honest assessment of the accuracy of your test results and how much your A/B tests actually contribute to organizational goals, such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction and insight.
  2. Seize more opportunities: Gain insight into the optimization opportunities you are currently missing out on.
  3. Update your A/B testing paradigms: We identify and prioritize opportunities to increase the impact and ROI of your A/B tests based on all recent A/B testing discoveries and innovations!

The revival of A/B testing

The A/B test scan begins by calculating the accuracy of your A/B test results. This reveals how many are correct, incorrect, or exaggerated. The findings are often both revealing and uncomfortable…

But fear not, there is hope!

A decade ago, empirical sciences encountered a similar uncomfortable truth with their scientific studies, named the ‘replication crisis’. Since then, scientists have innovated and optimized experimental designs and statistics during what is now called the ‘Renaissance’ of empirical sciences. Our A/B testing scan builds upon these new discoveries and innovations.


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“Please note: The A/B testing scan often identifies ‘losing’ tests that actually meet the new A/B test standards for success!”

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