Unlock the Power of Conversion Optimization

4-week intensive live course, 3 hours per online session – From beginner to advanced, learn directly from the leaders in CRO!

What you will learn

Four immersive modules covering Process, Data & Statistics, Psychology, and UX.
This course perfectly fits product owners & managers, growth hackers, (digital) marketing leads, UX specialists, and conversion managers & specialists.

1: Process

Learn structured methodologies to gather knowledge about your customers.

2. Data & Statistics

Understand the foundation of quality data and how to turn it into insights.

3. Psychology

Discover how psychology and behavior science can boost conversion.

4. UX

Combine it all and enhance user experience through data-driven design.

Course Details & Pricing

Everything you need to know to get started.

  • Schedule:
    May: Several dates 
    June: Several dates
  • Location: 4 live remote classes in English.
  • Price: €1000 per seat, inclusive of all materials and interaction.
  • Certification: Conversion Specialist diploma upon completion.

Why Learn with Online Dialogue?

Guiding you to success with 15 years of global leadership in CRO.

  • Award-Winning Expertise: Experimentation Elite 2023 winner, a proven record of success.
  • Real-World Experience: Learn from energetic experts in UX, psychology, analytics, and more.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Tailored for beginners, intermediates, and almost advanced learners.
  • Mission: Our goal is to bring validation to every organization.

Your Conversion Optimization trainers

A specialist trainer will run every class. Below is an example from Online Dialogue trainers in each specific field.







What Our Participants Are Saying

Our participants come from various fields and backgrounds, and they’ve shared their valuable experiences with our CRO course.

Kelder, Sr. Digital Marketer

“Very pleasant examples and clear explanations. The trainers are very personal and approachable. I was encouraged to immediately apply the theory in practice. I liked that the training was spread over four days; this way, I could more easily combine it with my work.”

Thomas, UX Designer

“A good and pleasant course! Even for someone who has been a UX Designer for a while and knows quite a bit about the underlying psychology and improving designs, there were many new insights. Moreover, the tools provided are extremely useful, allowing you to get started right away.”

Marianne, E-com Manager

“What a nice, in-depth course on CRO. A solid framework is put in place on which you and your team can work with this subject. This framework is then filled with an interesting mix of theory and practical tips in the fields of Data Analysis, Psychology, and UX-Design.”

Lisanne, CRO Specialist

“This course provides a clear overview of all the important touchpoints with CRO. A perfect balance between theory and practice, with many interesting case examples. You will leave the course with positive energy and practical tips to take your CRO department to a higher level.”

These insights demonstrate the comprehensive nature of our CRO course, covering everything from the practical application of theories to detailed insights into data & analysis, psychology, and UX.

We’re committed to continuous improvement and take all feedback into account to enhance the learning experience. Join us in our next session and elevate your CRO skills!

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