Optimize your Customer Journey with Personalised Nudges​

Boosticate enables online messaging on different devices in a fast and reliable way. Moreover you are able to (pre)validate your ideas in a very short period of time.

Boosticate features A/B/n testing as well as multi-armed bandit experiments in which the traffic allocation is dynamic during the duration of the experiment. It automatically reports results of running and completed experiments. Experiments can be set up for specific pages, set of pages, user segments or a combination thereof.



We collaborate with your internal team to deliver rapid messaging. Online Dialogue takes care of the technical implementation, setting up messages and internal communication.

Easy technical implementation

Boosticate uses a project based code snippet that contains the active experiments, which is hosted on Amazon S3 for high traffic durability. It works together with Google Analytics for automated reporting (updated hourly) using the Google Analytics API.