Ignite Innovation and Growth:
Experimentation Culture Change Model

Embrace the future with Online Dialogue’s Experimentation Culture Change Model – your path to an experimentation organization.

With a starting price of €8000, our 4-week program combines surveys, interviews, and desk research to present a clear picture of your organizations’s current state and the path to an Experimentation Culture.

We have room to sign-up 3 more clients in 2023 for this service.

and take the first step towards a thriving experimentation culture

Why Choose Our Model?

Online Dialogue is the pioneer in driving experimentation culture within organizations. As the Experimentation Elite 2023 awards Experimentation Agency of the year, we’ve been transforming cultures for almost 15 years, with over 300 satisfied clients worldwide.

Our model is developed by the psychology team based on our experience and leading scientific literature on cultural change.

1. Conditions

Evaluate and balance resources, tools, knowledge, and time for successful experimentation.

2. Leadership

Foster autonomy and inspire a supportive environment for experimentation.

3. Motivation

Cultivate internal drive, boosting confidence, autonomy, and engagement.

4. Identification

Find the equilibrium between pride in current practices and openness to change.

What We Offer

  • Actionable insights based on our proven Experimentation Culture Change Model.
  • Customized recommendations for your organization’s unique challenges and goals.
  • A roadmap for creating a data and experiment-driven organization.
  • Pricing starts at €8000 with results presented in just 4 weeks throughput time.
"Large-scale testing is not a technical thing; it’s a cultural thing that you need to fully embrace. You need to ask yourself two big questions: How willing are you to be confronted every day by how wrong you are? And how much autonomy are you willing to give to the people who work for you?”

Some of our clients Experimentation Culture stories

Multiple Online Dialogue clients have been nominated by an independent jury of experimentation specialists at the international Experimentation Culture Awards for their growth in Experimentation Culture. Read their case stories.

DPG Media

DPG Media: Experimentation Culture Awards 2023 team nominee: “From a CRO silo to experimentation in product teams at DPG Media.” >>

Beter Bed

Beter Bed: Experimentation Culture Awards 2023 organization-wide nominee: “How the experimentation program at Beter Bed evolved from focusing on winners to gaining comprehensive insights.” >>

RTL Netherlands

RTL Netherlands: Experimentation Culture Awards 2023 organization-wide nominee: “From pushing experimentation in limited teams at RTL Netherlands towards pulls from everywhere.” >>


Experimentation Culture Awards 2023 organization-wide winner: “How the CEO of Drukwerkdeal became their biggest fan”. >>

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